How to avoid Eye Strain from Computers and protect yourself from them.

How to avoid and relieve eye strains caused from computers?

The above video shows three simple exercises one may perform to relieve eye strains that are caused by computers. I recommend that you watch it and try the exercises as they may come in helpful.

Ways to protect from straining our eyes from computer

  • Use Medical Glasses
    Normally people suffering from eye strain are recommended to use glasses to improve their short sightedness or long sightedness. Glasses can also reduce extra stress on your eyes. By regular use of wearing glasses chances are minimal that a person can suffer from various eye strain symptoms. However it is always recommended for early precautions.

  • Distance from visual aid
    While working with computers distance should be maintained from computer screens. This protects our eyes from too much exposure of light rays which can cause damage to our eyes. Not only this, care must be taken that use of computer should be done with proper lightening system. This decreases extra stress on our eyes hence saving us from adverse effects of eye strain. Brightness of computer screens can also be adjusted.

  • Increase font size
    Computers are one of the best advantages we have at the present era. Some of the responsibilities are on us as humans to protect ourselves from its negative impacts (in this case like eye strain can be avoided). We should not work with small fonts as this adds to the stress on the eye. A computer software is designed keeping in consideration end user convenience. It has provided us with the facility to work with ever increasing font’s size which users can work comfortably with.

    Tip: Press "CTRL" followed with by the "+" sign to increase the font size on any page, vice versa, "CTRL" followed by the "-" will decrease the size of a page.

  • Medical Advise
    To overcome the problem of dry eyes some medicines are also available in the market. However, consultation with a physician is always recommended before starting any medical usage.

  • Use of screen savers
    Attachments over computer screens are also available. This helps in reducing computer glare and too much exposure from direct light rays emitted from computer screens. Hence after taking small precautions we can surely keep are vision protected and away from eye strain problems caused by ever increasing use of computers.

Do you have any tips on how one can prevent or reduce eye strains caused by computers, please do not hesitate to contact us on so that we can include your tip if it qualifies.


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